Top Roof Cleaner Brands

 Have you found yourself needing to clean your roof? Well whether it is the black streak stains on it or the moss growing on your roof, these roof cleaning solutions will get the job done. Use any of the cleaners listed below or follow our steps to make your own DIY roof cleaner.


Roof Cleaning Products Reviews


In the marketplace, there are roof cleaning solutions that do and do not need rinsing off after being applied. Here we will list 3 options, one of which does not need rinsing once applied. All our three options are eco-friendly and safe.

Spray and Forget Roof cleaner#1 Spray & Forget

Fight hard stains and streaks on your roof without causing harm to your homes vegetation. Spray & Forget is a non-corrosive and biodegradable chemical solution used for general exterior cleanings but we primarily recommend it for roof cleaning. This solution does not come with bleach, acid, heavy metals, or sodium hydroxide (LYE). What does that mean in plain English? All those chemicals can destroy vegetation around your house, burn your eyes and skin, or cause discoloration to your seamless gutters, windows, vehicles and so on. With Spray & Forget you have a patent pending neutral PH cleaner.

It can be used on many different surfaces where these organisms tend to live on. It will work on decking, siding, and virtually any material. Find a list of the exterior surfaces you can use it on below.

Stucco Brick Wood Composite Decking
All types of Siding All types of Fences Awnings Pool Surrounds
Decks Walkways Patios Tennis Courts
Outdoor Furniture Flower Pots Artificial Turf Driveways and more..
Sidewalks Monuments RV’s

Wet and Forget roof cleaning solution#2 Wet & Forget

This roof cleaning solution is also just as convenient to use. You only need to apply it and let it do its work, hence why they call it the spray and leave solution. Wet & Forget is just as good as the other detergents to get out mold, mildew, and grime from your home’s roofing.

The best part of Wet & Forget is that there is no scrubbing involved; all you need to do is mix with water and spray onto all the affected areas around your house. It can be used on sidewalks, driveways, dirty roofs, all type of siding, and any other exterior surface. Purchase it online and get it to your front door in a matter of a few days. Advertised as a stain remover, it will kill most organisms that grow on your roof like algae and moss.

roof wash eco-friendly roof cleanser#3 Roof Wash

Used by more than 5,000 roof cleaning contractors in North America, roof wash is an eco-friendly compound that is primarily used to fight roof stains caused by mildew, algae, and roof moss. As a powdery substance, you want to mix it with some water before bringing out the scrubber.

This products highlight is that its chemicals do not harm your landscaping or home. With Roof Wash, you can be certain the chemicals are safe for children and pets to come in contact with.

Roof Cleaning Solution Recipe

Saving a quick buck is always a good thing. If your roof is in good shape and is not in bad shape, simply put together one of our DIY roof cleaner recipes. We have a few options below, depending if you are looking to remove algae, moss or streaks from your roof or from your deck, siding,

When we got into roof cleaning of residential homes, we used a basic 3-gallon bug sprayer, one gallon of SH and two more gallons of water. Add about 6 ounces of liquid dishwashing soap.

At the time of applying any roof cleaning solutions to your home, always spray from the pitch of the roof (TOP) down.