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Here at Pressure Cleaning Miami we strive to offer you a professional roof cleaning service where not only will your roof look clean but it will not be harmed or damaged from our power washing methods. Although it might seem like anyone can get the job done, it’s just “a roof cleaning”, not all companies in South Florida have the right professionalism to follow the right steps to cleaning your roof.

Our team has more than a decade of pressure cleaning and renovation experience, specializing in all types of roofs. Miami is mainly covered with roof tiles, regardless of type: clay tiles, terracotta tiles or concrete tiles, metal roofing and asphalt shingles we have the knowledge, machines (power washers) and experience to properly clean any roof. We provide our pressure washing services to residential homeowners, commercial properties, and property managers.

We are highly skilled and professionally trained in all surfaces of roof cleaning. Once you give us a call or fill out our online quote, we will assess your property and depending on your roof material we are working with, we will implement our methods and bring the correct power washers to get the roof cleaned.

Let me give you an example, a metal roof or a terracotta tiled roof can take more pressure than any asphalt-shingled roof. While when we clean tiled roofs we utilize what is known in the industry as “soft washing“. This is a system that uses minimal low-pressure cleaning and relies more on 100% safe non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to remove the build up of dirt, mold, algae and mildew. This methodology protects your roof, especially your ridge capping from damage caused by excessive high pressure.

Along with our professional roof cleaning services we also provide house washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning and much more.

Why Clean Your Roof?

Aside from the aesthetic improvement, you will have by hiring a pressure washing service to clean your roof; there are a handful of significant structural benefits to maintaining a clean roof, algae and mold free.

In addition, Below you can find a video that shows you how insurance companies are starting to take into consideration if you house wash your property or not. They are starting to cancel insurance policies for homeowners who fail to keep their roofs properly cleaned, as required. For year’s Insurance companies did not see the impact but now are recognizing that black moss, algae, mildew and other fungi are extremely detrimental and destructive to a building’s roof.

Roof Cleaning Service Area of Miami

We provide a full professional Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Services throughout South Florida including the following Cities: Kendall, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Miramar, North Miami Beach, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Doral, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Hollywood, Homestead, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Aventura, Pinecrest, Pembroke Pines, South Florida, Sunny Isles Beach

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High-Pressure Roof Cleaning Services

Some of the roof cleaning services here in Miami, FL only use high-pressure power washing methods to attempt to remove roofs stains & roof algae. What needs to be understood from you the customer is that this method does work on some roofs but not all of them. Professionalism is our first priority when we take on any job at your home. With that being said, we make sure to tell you all the pros & cons of the type of washing services we can have done to pressure clean your roof. Although high pressure roof cleaning is a fast solution for maybe someone selling there home or on a tight budget, it is not the only way or something’s the most effective way to remove the roof stains and algae. Not only will this method leave behind some of the organisms that build up those roof stains but also the water pressure can harm the sealants and blow the protective granules off. Afterward, with time it will create water pockets underneath that will later develop into mold or algae

This isn’t as common on new tile roofs but on shingle roofing, no matter how much of a delicate service we provide this cleaning method is prone to harming the shingles. Mainly because at it being a very temporary fix that leaves root systems behind, causing algae to grow and return rather quickly.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Professionals 

Here in Miami homeowners are familiar with the chronic mildew and mold we get due to the moist tropical environment. I know it seems easier to just look past the green or black substance that starts spreading across your concrete sidewalk and driveway. Yet once it hits your roof, it is hard to ignore and time to start to realize the consequences that can come from a dirty roof. This dirt builds up can lead to serious roof damage. Insurance companies are ending policies for any properties that do not take care, maintain and neglect their roof cleaning. Soft wash or pressure wash is an easy solution to avoid this problem

Usually, at this point, the average homeowner typically goes out and rents a pressure washer or hires a professional pressure cleaning service to soft wash their roof. This is a temporary fix that can last clean a few months, but the high can do more harm than good if not done with professionalism. Just give us a call and we will explain to you the disadvantages of using a pressure washer and the advantages of the soft wash system we use.

Soft Washing is longer lasting to pressure washing in that typical pressure washing only attacks mold, mildew, and algae growth at the surface. Even though the stain might be removed and gone, the root system remains and the stain grows back thicker and greener normally within 6 months. Our methodology for cleaning roofs strictly follows the strict accordance with GAF Americas largest roofing manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Cleaning

1. Is It harmful to use any of your methods On a tile roof?

Good question, and the answer is not at all!Any inexperienced service will inevitably cause damage to your tile roof while on the job, attempting to walk across it and clean it. You must make sure to hire a professional roof cleaning service that

Any inexperienced service will inevitably cause damage to your tile roof while on the job, attempting to walk across it and clean it. You must make sure to hire a professional roof cleaning service that has enough experience to get the roof cleaned correctly.

We have enough years experience with thousands of soft washed roofs under our belts. Anyone can make a mistake but our reputation has shown over the years with a great record for minimal treading on tile roofs and cleaning them to our full potential.


2. Is it true a clean roof helps on your energy bill?

Yes! Let us explain how.

All residential roofs are designed to effectively reflect the rays and heat of the sun back into the atmosphere. When you have a build up of black moss and algae or mold, it doesn’t allow the sun to reflect the same way because all this dirt actually absorbs the heat because they strive and grown from the humid tropical weather we have down here in Miami, FL. In other words, this essentially means that your home cooling system will need to work more to keep the home cooled at a comfortable temperature.

Furthermore, tile roofs get an added benefit of having a clean roof because they are built with a ventilation system that allows the air to get beneath the tile and cool. These types of roofing have pockets of air that collect between the roof and the roofs sub-layer of decking. This air acts as a barrier of insulation that keeps the heat from rising the room temperature inside the home. Any type of debris or dirt accumulated on top of the roof will directly affect the air flow and disrupt the tiles ventilation system. Make sure to get a professional roof cleaning at least twice a year to keep a well-maintained and healthy roof.

3. What benefits come from cleaning my roof?

Below you can find a few of the many benefits.

  • The aesthetic and curve appeal of your property will be extremely noticeable. If you like to be proud of your sweet home or simply are ready to sell it, pressure washing your roof is a cost-effective way to make your property more appealing, it is impressive what a soft wash can do.
  • Improved energy savings.
  • Prolonged your roof’s lifetime. A roof that is free from mold and growth will last longer.
  • Maintain your homeowner’s insurance. Years ago it was overlooked but now insurance companies are finding a direct correlation between dirty roofs and roof damage that increases costs in any claims. More and more, they are requiring that homeowners get their home roofs pressure cleaned or else their coverage will be dropped.

4. Should I clean my roof or get it replaced?

It depends; this is a something that involves the judgment with the age of the roof along with its current condition. How much longer is it expected to last? Having your roof pressure cleaned is not only a good thing but also a lot cheaper than a new roof. Now, having a new roof maintained periodically is the best thing to give it longevity.

However, if the roof is a 30-year asphalt shingle roof that is on your home now for over 40 years, well then you might want to start to consider a new one instead of a pressurized cleaning.

5. What Are HOA Requirements For Roof Cleaning?

A few things are standard but sometimes the requirements will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. An HOA likes to see that homes are maintained clean and free of negative facades. Nowadays, they typically demand that the roof cleaning company doing the house washing service to be licensed and insured.

Pressure Cleaning Miami fits the bill. We are fully licensed and insured to meet your HOA’s requirements. Get on one of our maintenance plans to avoid notifications and fines from your HOA.

6. Why Does My Roof Get So Black Quickly?

Here in Miami & South Florida, your first thought might be the weather or the amount of airplane traffic that passes over the city but it actually comes from what we like to consider like a “bacterial infection on your roof”. The bacterium is called gloeocaspa magma, your asphalt shingles have limestone as a filler material and Limestone provides a good source of nutrients for gloeocaspa magma to feed on. When you mix this with the constant humid and moist environment in Miami, you create the perfect recipe for these bacteria to grow.

The black streaks you might have seen increasingly getting worst over the years is this bacteria digging more and more into your roof, making the pressure washing service to be needed more frequently. It becomes harder to get the organism out from under the shingles and easier for the mold to grow back

Call the roof cleaning professionals in Miami, Here at Pressure Cleaning Miami, we are skilled at removing this specific problem.

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