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Residential Pressure Washing and Power Washing Services Miami, FL

Keeping the essential areas in your household such as the patio, driveway, or siding looking brand new on a yearly basis is something we specialize in by pressure washing and power washing. Pressure washing, which may be used for almost any exterior surface surrounding your household, uses the high force of water to get dust, dirt, and any other material removed. It is commonly used for brick cleaning because concrete regularly builds up dirt and requires maintenance every year.

We use our water pressure machine for cleaning by pressurizing water to over 1,000 lbs through a spray wand and removing everything in sight. You will have the option of using a gas or electric pressure washer which may be set from 1,200 to 2,500 psi!

Gas Pressure Washers vs Electric Pressure Washers

The most transparent difference between electric and a gas powered pressure washers is the amount of PSI that is produced.

Electric washers will have a range from 1,000 to 1,400 psi which is typically used for grills or car washing. However, gas washers may deliver over 3000 psi and are ideal for removing dirt off decks, concrete, and sidings.

If you are looking for a guaranteed solution to remove dirt from your patio or deck, we recommend using our gas-powered option.

The costs and conditions of pressure washing your home in Miami

The price will depend largely on the size of the house. In addition to this, depending on the size of your home you may or may not have to use a gas-powered washer.

If an electric washer does not have enough power to remove what is on your siding or patio we will have to use the gas powered machine. However, when dealing with mold, algae, and mildew we always treat it with our chemical solution and then remove it with our washer.

If the house or siding is only carrying dirt and dust then there should be no issue in only using the washer. It is highly effective on asphalt, wood, stone, and concrete.

The pressure washer is also great for clearing away any residue you may have when you want to re-paint a house or keep it looking in optimal condition for a showing.

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Steps to Pressure Washing Residential Driveways In Your South Florida Home

If you have a driveway that is built with pavers, asphalt, or tiles we clean it using our gas powered pressure washer. We normally use 3,000 PSI when cleaning most driveways to expedite the process.

However, if you have a driveway thats built with gravel, we would use a power washer to avoid having any of your rocks moved away. Furthermore, if there is any car oil or residue on the floor, power washing will be more effective in removing the stains.

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Hire a professional to pressure clean your patio, deck, driveway, or roof!


Avoid Power Washing Hazards Risks By Hiring Us

There are many risks that may lead to a serious injury when power washing a home. This is exactly why 100 percent of our valued customers call us to do the job. We have worked in hundreds of homes with different surfaces and know which is the best cleaning method to use to avoid ruining any surface.

A Cheap and Smart Remodeling Option

The best time to power wash or pressure wash your home is when you are looking to increase its appeal. It adds immediate value to any residential home without having to go into more expensive modifications such as landscaping or extending a driveway. Moreover, being much less costly than paying someone to design your lawn and will result in your home looking brand new.

We always protect your windows, doors, and plants from the pressure cleaning machine to avoid any possible damages.

Keeping up with your patio and deck – We provide maintenance all year round!

We will save you dozens of hours maintaining your home that you can spend enjoying your patio when you hire us.  Our exterior cleaning service has been proven the best option when you want to clear your deck of all the dirt and yearly accumulation of dust. More importantly, it eliminates the need of chemicals which means it will not affect any trees or plants you may have nearby. In addition to this, if you do request a detergent we have environmentally safe, natural soap that will add more cleaning power for your deck or patio.

How a power washer works  

In situations in which you may have grime, algae, or fungus growing on your home pressure cleaning is not the best approach for it. Power washing is sometimes the only way to clear the residue off of your driveway, deck, roof, or siding.

Through adding heat, pressure, and solution we are able to remove almost any type of residue you may have on your surface.

Specifications and Pricing to Pressure Cleaning a Deck or Patio

Pressure cleaners can achieve up to 4000 pounds per square inch. We preferably choose washers with lesser psi when cleaning a deck and more to a higher machine when cleaning a patio. As professionals, we know how much pressure to use on a deck to avoid scratching it.

Why we always recommend our Power and Pressure Cleaning Machine

Of course you can go online and search for a high-powered pressure or power cleaner that will probably do the job you need. Or you can go shopping at your local home improvement store and hope that you are purchasing the correct washer for your home.

However, when you choose to work with us we guarantee a professional job on your houses exterior. We know how much pressure is ideal for your driveway, deck, or patio. We also know when its necessary to use a heated power washer or if a chemical solution is needed for your pool.

The Typical Cost for Pressure Cleaning Your Driveway

The average cost may be $130 to $220 depending on the size of the driveway.

The most cost effective way to extend the lifespan of your driveway is by power washing it to remove the stains which fall off from your engine. In addition to this, if water isn’t sufficient to clear the residue made from oil, a cleaning solution may be needed.

For homeowners who have a driveway built from tile or brick, pressure cleaning and power washing provide an effective way of clearing away all dirt and dust. It is critical for homeowners to inspect their tiles to make sure they are well placed in the ground as the pressurized water can move them upwards.

Why Choose us?

When you choose to work with us we guarantee a professional job for your home’s exterior. We know how much water pressure is ideal for your driveway, deck, or patio. Of course, we also know when it is necessary to use a heated water power washer or if a chemical solution is needed for your pool.

As a business, we offer advanced commercial equipment (which is much different than what you will find at your local improvement store.)

Most of all, we are a sustainable business that follows EPA regulations using environmentally safe chemical solutions when required.

Our team is insured in case any damages occur to a customer’s home during the service. In conclusion, all of our team members are efficient in their work and have the experience to complete every job quickly and correctly.

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