Pressure Washing Business Opportunity

Everyone is always trying to find the right business to get into that is recession proof, or at least not prone to recession. Here is a business model that might interest you with a low start up cost under 15,000 dollars. A pressure washing business in South Florida is a perfect venture to start because of the weather conditions that exist here in Miami all year round. From humidity to the constant rain to the sunny weather causes the bad bacteria and dirt to grow rapidly. The infamous 90-degree weather just helps the mold and mildew build up on your shingle roofs, concrete sidewalks, paver driveways, and house walls.

For someone starting a pressure washing business, this kind of environment is the most beneficial to get residual clients. No matter what strategy and techniques you use to offer a professional pressure cleaning service, the mold will grow faster than in other cities without a doubt.

Local pressure washing companies use their pressure washing equipment more often than not with the number of houses and commercial properties constantly needing power washing services here in Miami.

 Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services Miami

Why A Pressure Cleaning Business With Us?

The level of professionalism we offer here at Pressure Cleaning Miami surpasses 90% of the local pressure cleaning companies in South Florida. We not only know how to power wash a house properly but how to use power washing equipment efficiently. (we will tell you which detergent, perfect power wash, local pressure washer repair companies, etc)

When you look at our company from a marketing and image perspective, we do no look like your regular Miami handyman or contractor. Our local power washing services instantly stand out from illegal power wash companies in Miami that operate without proper insurance and licenses.

Going Rate For Pressure Washing

The cost to pressure wash driveway or rate to power wash a roof can all be found on our powerwash price guide that we offer with our pressure washing business opportunity. In Miami, you can make on average $200-$400 for a full home power washing services. If you efficiently get the job done, with a commercial pressure washer trailer and the necessary set of power washing equipment, you can be knocking out 2-3 residential or commercial cleaning jobs daily.

trailer mounted pressure washers for sale cost of starting a pressure washing company

If you want to start today and see what possibilities we can have for you, always remember to give us a call because as we are one of the largest local house pressure washing services, we always have pressure cleaning trailers for sale, commercial pressure washer for sale, and pressure washer trucks for sale that one of our pressure washing business partners outgrew which might be a great start for you. So the cost of starting a pressure washing business might be more accessible than you might have thought when you first looked into it. Our pressure washing trailer packages for used equipment start as low as $5,000 dollars, getting you a pressure washing business off the ground with the savings you might have under your king size mattress.

Who We Are

pressure washing services miamiPressure Cleaning Miami works closely with many contractors and parallel industries to drive the most traffic to your local area of South Florida. With more than 10 years of driving traffic to partners like you, we have established a great reputation.

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