How To Remove Moss From Your Roof

Is moss on roof bad? A cap of green warm moss might appear to look like it compliments your home based on the vines on your walls but based on your roof, the moss and algae is a no-go and must be removed before it causes harm to your roof. The best was to handle a roof with algae and moss removal is to obtain a roof cleaning service before it cuts down on the lifespan of your roof. Many homeowners appreciate the rustic and cozy perspective it gives off from the street but we recommend you follow our 3 simple steps on how to remove moss from your roof.

If you are hands on individual, this is a DIY home project you can knock out over the weekend with the family. If at any point it might get too hands on or physically draining for you, always feel free to contact us to get you a quote for our algae & Moss removal services.

Some of us might have grown up with the idea to have a fairy tale home, wanting this beautiful castle looking home with moss and vines all over it. Have you ever wondered if moss on roof is bad? Problem is that unfortunately our homes are not made 100% from concrete or bricks, so the moss and algae will start to damage your home’s roof. In the real world, the moss and algae on your roof is a nightmare, not a fantasy come true.

Leaving unattended, this clumpy green can cause essentially all types of roofing material to deteriorate. Unfortunately for South Florida construction, most homes are made with wood and shingles roofs that are the most commonly affected roofs.

Algae & Moss starts off very unnoticed, as a thin green layer that eventually gets in between your shingles. With time, those shingles will go on to getting lifted off your roof, allowing outside elements like water to filtrate into your roof and eventually your house. ** This applies for all roofs; the only difference is the way it consumes up the roof is slightly different with certain materials.

Good news for you as a homeowner is that removing algae and mold from your roof is quite easy if you have the correct knowledge and tools to complete it. Please look over our checklist of tools and materials to see if you can get it done yourself, if not you can always hire one of our algae & moss removal experts.

moss and algae growing on residential roof


  • Pump spray bottle
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Non-Slip Shoes
  • Ladder
  • Old Worn-out Clothes
  • Safety glasses
  • Thick rubber gloves
  • Safety rope
  • Long-handled soft-bristle scrub brush
  • Commercial Roof Cleanser (or make yours at home
  • Water hose with add-on spray nozzle

3 Step DIY On How To Get Rid Of Moss On Your Roof

Step 1

Prepare yourself with all the safety equipment you might thing you need. Here at Pressure Cleaning Miami, we use OSHA approved safety harnesses which are the first thing you want to put on before stepping onto a residential roof.

Next, proceed to place on your eye protection, non-slip rubber shoes, old rags, and your rubber gloves to keep your body safe from the chemical detergents used to remove the mold/mildew.

Now, place your sturdy ladder as close as possible to the moss or algae that are growing on your roof. If you feel it is needed, use the safety rope to make sure your ladder is secure.

Finally, the hard work begins…..

Spray roof in downward direction to get moss off

Grab your garden rose and soak the area infested with just plain tap water. Always make sure to spray at a downward angle.

Use your long-handled soft bristle scrub brush to get the moss removed from your roof. Make sure to scrub in the same direction as the tiles and shingles, in other words, top down to prevent accidentally lifting the shingles. We highly recommend you scrub softly and make sure to not scrape pound, or scour the roof.

Work on small sections of the roof while removing the moss to avoid any damage to the shingle roofs.

Clean small sections of the shingle roof

** CAUTION: Do not use a pressure washer on your roof, or hire a roof soft washing service ; because the shingles on the roof may become very damaged by the high PSI pressure from the water gun jets. In most cases even removing some shingles from your residential roof.


If your roof issue involves any algae, mold, or your moss problem no your roof escalated into needing more attention than just a simple scrub; you have to add some commercial roof cleaning detergent. Below we recommend a few brands for roof cleaning solutions you may find online or at your nearest hardware store.

Looking for a more cost-effective way to remove moss from your roof? We have a DIY roof cleaning solution you can make with a few home cleaning products.

Now we are ready to get that algae and moss of that roof!!

Simply wait for a cloudy day before going through with step #2 as your cleanser of choice will not evaporate very quickly with Miami, FL tropical weather.

Moist roof in South Florida growing moss & algae

Things to keep in mind….when spraying either your commercial roof cleaner or the homemade solution remember both solutions can discolor wall siding, decking, pathways, patios, pavers, and even be harmful to sensitive plants.

So do not forget to set down the plastic sheeting and spreading it to cover the whole work area before you spray the chemicals.

Homemade Roof Moss Killer Recipe

From Wet & Forget to Bayer 2-in-1 Moss and Algae Killer, each type of roof detergent is completely different. Some roof cleaning solutions should be rinsed off with water after application, while others state to leave it applied on the house’s roof. Read in more detail further down where the reviews of the roof cleaners are listed.

Make your own homemade moss killer for roofs out of a few home cleaning products. Choose which one of the four recipes you can scramble together with what you have at home.

  • 2 gallons of water & 8 ounces Heavy duty dish washing soap
    • 2 gallons of water & 1 pound powdered oxygen bleach (Oxi-Clean)
    • 2 gallons of water & 1 to 4 cups chlorine bleach
    • 2 gallons of water & 1 to 4 cups of white distilled vinegar

Grab a large spray bottle ( or your pump spray bottle ) and add the ingredients from the recipe you choose. Let the homemade substance sit on the moss and algae infested roof for 20 to 45 minutes, simply make sure to properly wet your home’s roof before adding the solution.

Now bring back the soft bristle brush and scrub the affected areas on the house; then rinse off the substance. (This also works to remove algae and moss from your home’s walls)


Do you want to prevent the moss on your roof from coming back? Have you wondered, what kills moss on roof? All you have to do is get strips of zinc or copper coated sheet metal installed onto your home’s roof; right beneath the top ridge on each side of your residential roof.

roll of metal sheet for roof edgeIf this is a budget friendly upgrade to do then go with zinc strips for roofs, as it is much less expensive. The copper-coated sheets of metal are more effective towards the moss and algae, but also more costly.

If you really want to get hands on with this full project of adding zinc to your roof to prevent the moss from coming back, here is a quick way to get it done.

Purchase sheet metal in a roll, then proceed to untwine it and cut the metal into two to five inch wide strips. Then, place the pre-cut metal strips to the roof using roofing nails.

Want to know how to remove moss from roof naturally? This technique is also a natural moss killer for driveways.

The most powerful prevention from moss growing on your roof is the sunlight and with the sunny weather here in Miami & South Florida that should not be an issue. Use the eco-friendly approach and trim down any branches from nearby trees that are blocking sunlight to your roof. If moss removal has become a habit for you, this is a solution that will last for years.

Shaded residential roof with tree overhang

Moss Remover for Roofs

If you have the tools and physical ability to do it yourself, below we have listed high-grade quality roof cleaners that can be purchased online and have at your doorstep in a couple days max. All our suggestions are based off experience and reviews from the product. What is the best roof moss killer? Find top 3 roof detergents below

Spray & Forget

DIY cleaning solution that is commonly used for roof cleaning moss, mold, and mildew. Also used on other surfaces where these organisms grow on. This solution is a very thick detergent that goes a long way. This product came to be due to a mixture created by Scott Dudjak who is still currently the owner of the company down in Sugar Land, TX

Wet & Forget

Recommended and tested out on our own, Wet & forget is a great roof cleaner that you can get delivered to your doorstep. Purchase online and apply it yourself. Removes moss, mold, algae and mildew.

Roof Wash

This product has one purpose and one purpose only; roof wash is designed to clean roofs. In collaboration with several professional roof cleaners in Miami who have been in the roof cleaning industry for years. This particular product is diluted with water and then applied onto your residential roof.

Spray and Forget Roof cleaner
Wet and Forget roof cleaning solution
roof wash eco-friendly roof cleanser


Moss is essentially small flowerless plant species which grow typically into green clumps. Moss loves and seems to grow well in moist cool areas. Recently getting a new classification of its own called the division Bryophyta with over 12,000 species. The reason why moss loves to sit on moist roofs is because how they do not have flowers or seeds, meaning they do not have a secure water system. This is the reason why your damp roof is a perfect place for them to grow on.

  1. Enviornments with acidic pH levels. Moss grows optimally within a pH level of 5.0 to 5.5
  2. Shade can be partial but shade definitely optimizes the growth.
  3. Moss has to have a moist or humid enviorment to survive.
  4. Hard surfaces like your shingle roof or house siding is where moss grows the best.
  1. Remove any shade caused through out the day to your roof or affected area.
  2. Wherever the Moss is growing, make that surface/environment super acidic or past a neutral pH level of 7 into a base environment.
  3. Make sure to take away any moisture possible from the moss or algae.

We hope this article was useful and you were able to learn how to remove moss from your roof with our 3 step formula. If you simply do not want to go through the hassle and prefer to spend the weekend relaxing, give us a call and we will have one of our experts give you an instant quote.

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