Pressure Cleaning Miami Prices

Power Washing ServicesMany homeowners ask themselves, what is the cost to pressure wash my house? Well if you don’t feel like calling to get an exact quote to pressure clean your house below you can find an idea of the pressure cleaning prices in Miami.

Depending on how difficult it is pressure wash the surfaces on your home’s property, our pressure cleaning Miami prices will vary slightly. The more risk the higher the price due to our own company liabilities. How we are a professional insured pressure washing service, that brings up our costs to be able to properly do these kinds of washing service.

The national average cost to pressure wash your house is $292 dollars.

Lower end cost $120

High end cost $750

Here at Pressure Cleaning Miami, we tend to offer you high-end service at an affordable cost. Throughout the years we have found the right prices that justify our superior service but that doesn’t hurt your pockets.

Pressure Cleaning Prices Per Service

Paver or concrete driveways both have the same price on a basic pressurizing and on sealing coats. We recommend you add a sealant to your driveway with our pressure cleaning services but isn’t mandatory.

Driveway Pressure Wash – $80-$150

With sealant additional $100-$150

No Pressure Roof Cleaning – $150-$300

*price varies depending on the height and steep of the roof. This price is also used for any moss or algae removal you might need to do on your shingle roof. We try to offer a clean pressure washing service, eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning solutions that are not harmful to children or pets.

Paint Preparation Services – call for pricing

*this is one of the hardest jobs to give a fixed price on due to the broad difference between jobs. We can get you a more accurate quote with a 5 minute inspection of your exterior walls. Fill out the contact form and we will send a tech out to your house within 24-48 hours.

Patio and porch areas – wood, PVC, or concrete surfaces can be handled by our pressure washers. Prices may vary but typically we charge an average of 20 to 25 cents a square foot. Always give us a call because for a soft wash we can squeeze between a few house cleanings in the day can save you a couple bucks.