Hiring a Commercial Pressure Cleaning Company vs Doing the Job Yourself

pressure cleaning driveway with a power washer

Deciding whether to take to the task of high pressure cleaning your home or hiring professional power washing services is something you will want to think over twice.

Many steps go into running this kind of job, and it is exactly why people usually hire power washing companies to help them.

1. First-time pressure washer and trailer users vs. Commercial Pressure Washer companies

It is impossible to do a perfect job on your home’s exterior without having a hand full of mistakes to learn. First, you have to know what kind of commercial pressure washing machine to use. Moreover, deciding whether to use an electric or gas trailer mounted hot pressure washer can determine whether or not the job is done successfully.

Sure you can probably go online and search for “craigslist used pressure washer trailers” and find low prices on a trailer mounted pressure washing systems. However, odds are you will probably purchase something that is not suitable for your driveway, siding, or patio.

2. The price of hiring a commercial cleaning company is minimal

commercial cleaning company in Miami, Florida

The cost of pressure washing per square foot in your home is very low as opposed to most home renovation services. Mostly, all home power washing services will give you a free estimate before conducting any work. Furthermore,  many would think that it is expensive to clean your driveway or home although it is just the opposite.

Our driveway pressure washing prices can range from 100-300 dollars depending on the size of the home. In addition to this, there are many trailer mounted pressure washers for sale that anyone could go ahead and purchase for a couple thousand dollars. However, it eventually will require maintenance and attention to continue running smoothly.

Hiring local pressure washing companies in Miami is something that will only need to be done several times a year to keep your property looking spotless.

So why bother looking into purchasing four thousand dollar pressure cleaning trailers unless you are looking to find the cost of starting a pressure washing business?

3. Hands off Pressure Cleaning Service

The main reason someone will order house power washing services is to outsource the job. Moreover, not only will it take you a few hours out of your day but will save you from getting you hands dirty.

Something else to consider besides not getting your hands dirty when cleaning your patio with trailer mounted hot pressure washers is the high chance of burning yourself or getting injured. All of these machines function at 2 through 3 thousand PSI and may easily hurt you or someone nearby if not used correctly.

We offer the most competitive pressure cleaning prices in Miami and we offer both residential and commercial pressure cleaning services.

4. Commercial Cleaning Jobs Are Fast, Insured, and Experienced!

It is required by law to be insured and licensed when pressure cleaning homes in Miami. Moreover, this means you don’t have to worry about a local company coming to your house and damaging something as it is insured.

Either way, 9 out of 10 times house pressure washing services in Miami have years of experience and conduct work in a professional fashion.

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