High Pressure Cleaning Hacks to use when you clean

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Deciding on which high pressure cleaning equipment to use is only the beginning of the job. After going through the appropriate training on how to function the high pressure washing systems, all the correct chemicals and components must be placed properly for the power washer to work at its best.

This article is not only going to provide you with 3 high pressure water cleaning hacks for you to use every day, however, will give you all the information you need to pressure wash your roof, patio, driveway, or deck perfectly.

High Pressure cleaning important tips and techniques

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  • Remember to use hot water as it is a better solution than cold water.
  • Always remember to presoak your driveway, roof, or deck with degreaser or detergent. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to wash and will reduce the number of chemicals you use.
  • Never allow the chemical solution or detergent to dry on the surface.
  • Most commercial cleaners will use 4 through 6 gallons per minute with the PSI set at 1500 to 3500 for most high pressure cleaning jobs. Of course, there is always an exception with the more delicate surfaces such as a wood deck. Here the more preferred pressure is 500 – 2000 and would be cleaned with a chemical solution to avoid damaging the wood.
  • As found on most homeowner units, water flow will rate less than 4 gallons per minute and will increase your labor cost because of the increased cleaning time.
  • If you do choose to use a chemical dilution, which is mainly a personal preference, remember to work smart. Soap and heat are cheaper than labor. If you reduce the number of chemicals and heat you use, labor cost will increase due to the amount of work time.
  • High pressure washer systems that have a chemical injection before the pump, start by opening the valve a quarter turn. As the job proceeds adjust to your liking.
  • If you use spray wax, apply the wax when it is hot and then use a cold rinse for the finer surfaces like cars and pickups. If you use it on a heavier area, like a home, it will not be necessary to use a cold rinse. The use of a wax will extend the lifespan of the wash job.
  • Moreover, when fleet washing wax within the rinse water will reduce dirt adhesion and significantly decrease washing time.
  • All the tips mentioned above will reduce the total workload.

Selecting the best high pressure cleaning nozzle 

The two factors that will need to be taken into account when deciding which nozzle to use for residential pressure washing jobs: The nozzle size and the angle it will be sprayed. This will define the number of gallons per minute that will be used. Moreover, to decide the size of the nozzle you will be using you will first need to know the gallons per minute and pounds per square that will be needed to complete the job.

As the nozzle size gets larger, the PSI of your high pressure cleaning machine decreases while the flow of the water stays the same. Decreasing the pressure of your pressure washer will decrease the gallon per minute (GPM) that you use.

Any knowledgeable contractor will decrease the PSI of the machine by getting a larger nozzle size to keep the GPM optimal.

Decisions for the high pressure cleaning system will vary

Decisions for the spray angle can range anywhere from zero to 65 degree. The 25-degree spray angle will fit the normal wash pattern used by most contract cleaners. Though, most contractors will usually decide on using a 40-degree angle due to the fact that they can hold it closer to the surface they are cleaning. Moreover, retaining the same width while delivering more impact pressure with a higher temperature. In addition to this, it is very important that the nozzle stays at a consistent distance from the desired surface.

Furthermore, if you choose a 0-degree nozzle it will concentrate all of the high pressure cleaner power in a confined area with an extremely high level of power at impact. Though this does give a lot of pressure and cleaning power, this may cause a streak and sometimes the entire print of the wands cleaning pattern will be visible.