5 Key Facts About Exterior Restoration On Your Home You Didn’t Know

As most of us homeowners are not general contractors or designers, we seem to always be on a never-ending predicament. What type of surface or product should I us for the exterior siding of my home? Do I change or get rid of my old windows? Do I pressure wash the old paint from the exterior of my house before painting? Is sealing my surfaces around the house best? (Patio deck, concrete driveway, etc.) How do I get rid of all the moss growing on my roof?

So many questions and not many places to get a professional answer for them. We know these questions bring up concerns and worries about the decision making on your exterior restoration for your home. Below you will find a few simple decisions that will make your house look like the home you’ve always wanted.


In South Florida, we are known for hurricanes and tropical storms. Many might look at their older windows on their house and ready for a modern look to give your house a homey feel. Well, we are here to tell you that’s a good choice but not because of the look but more so because of the protection offered in new windows. Unless you have a historical or vintage architecture design on your home, we recommend making the change.

Simply change the glass for storm glass; change old weather stripping and any exterior caulking that might need some touch-up. This will allow you to leave the frame of the windows and keep that vintage look.

As many of you might know, Impact windows are now standard on any new construction in Miami-Dade County and used by many contractors across South Florida as a standard nowadays. With many companies now producing impact windows, the price has dropped a bit. In fact, you now have options like energy efficient windows and financing programs. In Miami’s old neighborhoods this is something we highly recommend to add to the top of your restoration projects. You will feel safer and cooler in your home, not to mention the noise reduction these impact windows give. All around one of the top choices, if you have made the decision to start remodeling the exterior of your home.


Exterior Siding Trim

Back in the day, you only had one option when it came to the construction of your house; it was wood. With technological advances, we now have other materials to use for the exterior trim of your home. We recommend cellular PVC, it is stronger, longer lifespan and much less pressure washing needed.

This material might cost you a tab bit more upfront but in the long run, we suggest it for any siding or trim work. It is weather resistant and with Miami, FL tropical weather it is a good bet. More resistant to mold, mildew, and algae than other surfaces. Cut it just like wood can be cut, just saves you the headaches of rotting, splitting, and warping.

Paint Preparation

The million dollar question, should I pressure wash my house before painting? The answer is not a simple one, read the article to know if your house needs a wash or not. 8 out of 10 houses normally do need a power wash to remove old paint that is rusting away. If painting over a dirt and mold infested surface

Usually, houses use several different color shades to paint the exterior walls. Tip: wisely choose a color combination that goes well with your neighbor’s homes. Aesthetically speaking it is good to try to keep some sort of similarity with your neighborhood so you do not cause depreciation in your property value. You do not want to stand out like a sore thumb with a blue house when everyone else in the neighborhood is painted brown.

Feel free to add some touch to your house with an auxiliary color for the trim or door frames but make sure it’s not overdone.

KEY TIP: Getting lighter tones and the right combination will make your home look bigger.

KEY TIP #2: Decide on a color combination that will be durable in Miami Weather. If you pick dark colors they will fade within a few years, making your house look just like it does not. Painting a house is not cheap so make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.



Sealants around the exterior of the house are great for longevity and to make your home energy efficient. The summer months are not getting any cooler and every air leak you have will only make your air conditioner run longer.

If you’re looking to gut your home down to the studs, it is the perfect moment to seal all the cracks and empty space within your exterior walls with insulating foam. The added benefit of sealing the exterior walls is that insects, rodents, and water won’t get into your living area. (Also keep out any moisture and humidity)

This small little detail will save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs you might have to do for weathering, filtration, and pest control throughout the years.

Wondering if you should seal your pressure washed driveway? Or your patio decking? The short answer is yes. It will not only make it look fresher but also keep algae and weeds from growing back so fast.



Priority over any exterior renovations is your home’s roof. Make sure to clean off the moss from your roof routinely. We tell all our clients to wash your homes roof at least twice a year. Learn some of our no pressure roof cleaning techniques.


The roof is the first impact of rain and helps channel all the water down your gutters. The average house in America has a shingle roof, which is the most vulnerable to exterior elements ( mild, mildew, and algae). Unfortunately, these shingle roofs due to it being an inferior type compared to the other styles of roof will cost you less upfront but you better upkeep it or you will shorten the life drastically.


We hope these 4 keys to restoring the exterior of your home will help you decide which part to start with. Check local government programs here in South Florida that will help you offset the cost for all these upgrades.