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Don’t let your curve appeal keep suffering from a dirty, mold growing concrete driveway or sidewalk. We all try to take pride in our homes and try to keep them clean and maintained, but sometimes we forget to power wash our houses and organisms end up growing on our driveways, sidewalks, and roofs. This is where Pressure Cleaning Miami can take all that dirty pressurizing work off your hands and leave your driveway and sidewalk looking like new concrete. Although a pressure cleaning service is enough to remove the dirt, we recommend for a long lasting power wash, to seal your concrete afterward so that your driveway is not sustainable to damages as easily.

Unfortunately, with South Florida’s tropical humid weather, algae, mold, mildew and dirt can quickly gather on your driveway and sidewalks. The Weather will not only cause your driveway to become unpleasant to the eye but cause a potential health hazard to your kids and pets. We all know how they love to play around on the floor and run around the house, coming in direct contact with the concrete driveways and sidewalks. Our job does not start with the pressure washing, instead, it starts with special power cleaners that kill all the organisms (algae, mold, toxic black mold, mildew) and ends with a bright clean driveway. Cleaning concrete is one of our forties we do very well due to the fact that there is a high demand to maintain these kinds of surfaces because of the rainy weather in Miami, FL.

What’s the Cost of Pressure Washing Driveways?

If you’re not sure of the cost of pressure washing your home’s driveway simply use our contact form to fill out an inquiry and get a quote in minutes. Pressure Cleaning Miami does not play with your time or money, based on the scope of the work and difficulty (surface area, accessibility, water drainage, how dirty, etc.) we will have a fixed hassle free price for you. With our insured and licensed professionals, your only worry should be making sure to lock up any pets you might have loose in case we need to access your backyard or patio area. Pressure washing has been our thing for over a decade now. Call us today at 305-600-3995 or fill out our contact form and with a quick address search on Google earth, with almost all our cases we can give you an instant quote.

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Did You Receive a Letter From HOA About Cleaning Your Driveway?

We all only hope to receive checks in the mail and postal packages but sometimes it’s not such a pleasant letter in the mail. Have you ever received a letter from your Home Owners Association with a picture of your dirty concrete driveway and sidewalks inside? This is a very common problem many of us face that live in an association that Pressure Cleaning Miami is here to help you with before you get a fine. The first thing to do when you get the letter is contact a driveway pressure cleaning service in your South Florida area like us to get you a quote for the job. With us, your quote is in your hands promptly so you can take action today and have us at your property pressure washing your home in as little as a few hours to get your driveway back in compliance with your HOA. Check out all the other residential pressure washing services we offer for HOA and homeowners below.

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Power Washing Driveway Tips

We get it, sometimes we are on a budget and if we could save ourselves a few bucks by buying a pressure washer and a good driveway cleaner to maintain our homes ourselves, it goes a long way. Wonder how to clean concrete driveway? Washing driveways are simple if you follow the pointers and tips listed below on the type of chemicals to use, not just cleaning concrete driveways with bleach but doing it so it lasts several months clean and sealed.

  • Purchase a commercial concrete cleaner/degreaser
  • Use a pressure cleaner with at least 3000 PSI but preferably 4000PSI
  • Apply the cleaner first with an industrial brush and scrub the concrete stains so they soak
  • Apply the water pressure anywhere from 6 inches to 10 inches from the surface (If a painted surface remember the closer you get the easier the paint will get blown off)
  • Overlap your strokes with the water to get more area covered in an efficient time matter.
  • Lastly, you can apply the siloxane concrete sealer to your driveway or paver after it has dried up
  • Be generous with the sealant to get an even and effective seal on the surface. Allow drying for 24-48 hours before parking any vehicles on it

Avoid Injury Risks From Pressure Washing By Hiring Us

Like any handy work you can do around the house, there are many risks associated with using power washers. The water pressure is enough to literally rip the skin of your hand or feet and lead to a serious injury while soft washing your home. For these reasons is why 100 percent of our customers give us a call to get the job done. Here at Pressure Cleaning Miami, we have over 1000 houses under our belt giving us the professional expertise to know the best cleaning methods to use to avoid damaging your surfaces being pressure cleaned. 

It might sound easy but be ready to have a soaked day out on your front lawn with a free workout. The water pressure needed makes it hard to control the hose and power washer gun, so the first couple times you soft wash your house you will spend a whole day on the task. If you rather just enjoy your day off poolside, let us take care of all the physical cleaning with our driveway pressure cleaning services. Check out all our cleaning services below we can offer you for your residential and commercial properties. If you have a question give us a call and we can always give your our professional advice.


Paver Cleaning & Sealing Services

Similar to concrete cleaning, paver cleaning is another specialty service we provide in the South Florida Miami Area. We all love pavers because they add a great value to your property and curve appeal, making your house look beautiful if your pavers are clean and sealed. How pavers are more porous than concrete they need more upkeep and maintenance. The pores allow for the dirt to slide into them and by having cracks between each individual paver, all the bad bacteria and organisms can grow easier than on concrete. If you maintain your paver driveway properly, it can last you generations.

How can you maintain it looking clean? Simply make sure to pressure wash them every three to six months and apply a sealer so that you do not get stains on them as easily. We specialize in old Chicago style pavers, travertine and cleaning/sealing concrete. Give your paver bricks concealed protection that’s guaranteed to last… it is up to you to bring out the life of your driveway pavers.

Clean | Shield | Repair your pavers

Below are the key points as to why sealing your pavers is so beneficial for the life of them.

  • Fading from UV light & weathering – Sealing pavers offers UV protection from the sun’s rays
  • Oil stains & rust spotting – seal your pavers with a penetrating sealer to prevent staining
  • Algae & weeds – Tired of seeing green vegetation growing from in between your pavers? Eliminate the constant growth with our polymer sands
  • Efflorescence – Porous materials are very vulnerable to these kinds of sediments when exposed to the air

Why Concrete Sealing Your Driveway Is So Important

During the winter months, the concrete soaks up all the moisture. Afterward, when the moisture will expand and freeze within the concrete driveway and come spring you will be left with ugly cracks. An easy solution to this is to make sure to seal the concrete driveway after a proper removal of all the mildew, mold, and dirt in the summer months. This way when winter comes along your driveway is protected with a sealant placed on your concrete surface. Our professional technicians are the experts you want applying these eco-friendly chemicals, it does give an effect on the color and distortion of the concrete and if not done with the professionalism you can be very disappointed by the outcome.

Let us not only wash your concrete surfaces but also maintain your home’s patio, walkways, driveway, and roof. Our siloxane sealer is applied once we have done a deep penetration of the surface with our pressure washers to remove all the contaminants. This sealant is like our secret sauce, siloxane has very little surface tension meaning it is absorbed into the concrete and stays aligned at the top of the concrete to protect against water, oil, dirt, and algae all while allowing the concrete to breathe so it doesn’t crack. In total over the last several years, we have washed more than 300,000 square feet of concrete surfaces! Give us a call today or fill out our contact form and get an instant quote in minutes.

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