How To Pressure Wash A Driveway In 8 Steps

We all hate to see weeds and mildew grow on our driveway.. let’s not even start with the oil stains from your car. Make years of wear and tear disappear with a pressure washer and a bit of dish soap.

Learn how to pressure wash a driveway (paver or concrete driveways) so you do not have to hire a pressure washing service in Miami to come out and do it for you every time the dirt builds up.

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to getting your driveway cleaned. If you have more grime and mold growing around the house, then maybe you should read this article first: how to pressure wash a house

Now let’s get into how to pressure wash your driveway with homemade cleaning solutions; no need to leave to your local hardware store to pick up some commercial pressure washer cleaner.



Safety Manual Paint Tray
Firm Scrubber Brush Safety Gloves Waterproof Sealer
Pressure Washer Plastic Sheeting Wand Extender
Power Washing Solution Painter’s Tape Roller Cover
Bottle of Spray Degreaser 25-50 ft. Garden Hose Roller Handle

Intermediate – Must have experience with a pressure washer and have physical capabilities.

3 to 4 hours from preparation to clean driveway.

STEP 1: Get a Pressure Washing Machine

Pressure washerGet a hold of a pressure washer, ask your Neighbor, buy a power washer, or rent one at you’re a tool rental shop here in South Florida.

It is important to know that it pressurizes enough water at the right PSI so it can remove everything you want. We recommend using a pressure washer with more than 3000 PSI. Always read the safety manual for the machine you’re using, each one has its own assembly instructions and attachments.

STEP 2: Sweep The Surface

Just like when power washing a house, we recommend removing any excess dirt from hard to reach areas. When cleaning your driveway, you should first sweep the whole area, including any surrounding areas you might also be cleaning. (Sidewalks, porch area, front door steps, garage door, etc.)

STEP 3: Protect All Windows & Doors

While pressure cleaning might sound like a safe and straightforward task but it will lift up rocks, pebbles, and old paint. Throwing all this debris around your front lawn, possibly hitting a door or window. Make sure to cover any nearby windows or doors to the surface area you are cleaning with plastic sheeting and painter’s tape.

STEP 4: Connect Hoses

There are a few hoses you will need to attach before turning on the water supply and commencing to remove the degreaser you placed on the affected surface area. Grab the main pressure-washer hose and attach one end to the pressure washer, then attach the other end to your spray wand.

Depending on how far away you have you’re a water outlet from your driveway, you will need a garden hose with a length of 25 to 50 feet. You can find one of these for twenty to thirty dollars at home depot or ace hardware stores.

STEP 5: Apply Cleaning Solution

adding detergent to concrete drivewayCheck to see if you find any black stains or algae growing if you do, grab a scrubber and a small spray bottle to fill up with your cleaning solution. Use our DIY Homemade cleaning solution to spray evenly across the driveway of your home, getting it nice and foamy. Once you have managed to get it in all the affected areas of the pavement, simply let it do its thing. The cleaner solution cleans concrete within 10 minutes through a chemical reaction.

Some Pressure washers have a way to apply soap with the wand. Add the right wand tip (labeled “soap”) and apply the detergent to the detergent container attached to the power washer. If not use your spray bottle and apply roughly 6-12 inches from surface.

STEP 6 (Optional): Degreaser

If you have a lot of oil build up and greasy stains on your driveway, it is also recommended to add a degreaser with your cleanser to help remove those stains.

** Stray in an overlapping manner (6 to 10 inches), smoothly stroking from left to right, so you cover the surface completely.

STEP 7: Pressure Wash Driveway

If you applied the detergent with the wand, remove the “soap” tip and attach the 25-degree wand tip. Handling a pressure washer can be hard if you have not done it before. We recommend practicing your strokes in a small area of the driveway to make sure you are not too close to the concrete or surface. If you get too close, you will remove paint and sealers. If you simply want to use clean pressure to remove dirt and grime, make sure always to keep at least 8 inches from the surface.

NOTE: For paint preparation or pure concrete driveways, move slower and hold the wand at 3 to 5 inches from the concrete surface while overlapping each stroke by at least 6 inches.

STEP 8: Seal Concrete

waterproof sealing driveways in MiamiIn harsh weather like we have here in Miami, FL having a sealer on your driveway will make it last longer cleaned. Cleaning driveways was how we started our pressure cleaning company and can tell you that a waterproof sealant is key with South Florida’s constant rain and shine.

Place your waterproof sealer into the paint pan. Once you assemble your roller, attach the pole extender. Now, start applying the sealant from the middle outward to the edges of the concrete. Never park any cars on top of the driveway without letting the waterproof sealer dry for at least 24 hours. (Check weather to make sure next few days will be rain free)

Now you have finished, and we hope you learned how to pressure wash a driveway with our easy to follow the 8-step formula. Just remember to use a pressure washer you need to follow the standard safety rules to pressure washing. It is a physical task we do not recommend to be done by anyone who has any back problems.