Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

Overnight Property Restoration With Commercial Pressure Cleaning 

Throughout the year your commercial property is exposed to Miami’s humidity, rain, and sunlight; all causing mold, dirt, and grime build up. Through our experience, if you do not have a monthly maintenance program with a commercial cleaning company to upkeep your building, your business can slowly begin to develop an unappealing appearance.

We, Pressure Cleaning Miami, have years of experience in maintaining commercial properties, giving them a virtually unused appearance.

By combining our knowledge and our state of the art commercial pressure washer cleaning equipment, we never fail to deliver anything less than exceptional exterior cleaning solutions for your property.

We offer a wide selection of commercial pressure cleaning service including concrete sealing and cleaning.

Here is a list of properties we maintain on a monthly basis:

Shopping Centers

Strip Malls




Retail Stores


Office Buildings


Service Stations


Miami’s Best Commercial Cleaning Services

By pressure cleaning your building or storefront, it has been proven to be the most simplistic and affordable technique to increase the value of the property.

In addition to this, by washing your driveway, sidewalk, and roof not only will it give your business a cleaner appearance, but will also provide a more attractive look for any prospective client or employee. Our exterior cleaning service will provide you an affordable and fast solution for your commercial business.

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Why Hire us to do your Commercial Pressure Washing?

We aren’t your ordinary electric pressure washer cleaning company. We go above and beyond to make sure that the job is not done until our customers are 100 percent satisfied. Our team is fully insured, licensed, and have years of experience under their belt to complete the job in a time efficient manner.

Aside from our extended knowledge base, we are South Florida’s go to water pressure company as we work on residential properties as well. Furthermore, offering Patio cleaning, driveway pressure washing, roof power washing, Pool algae removal and fence restoration.

We use only the most advanced and professional pressure washers powered by either gas or electric depending on the material of the siding, driveway, or sidewalk.

Here at Pressure Cleaning Miami we are experienced and prepared for any challenge a large building or property may have. We have a hot water industrial commercial washer that will remodel and provide your property with a world class appearance.

We may work both in the early morning and evening to suit your schedule to keep your business looking at its best during operating hours. We are located in the Miami region and serve all of South Florida.

We pay attention to detail. We believe that by providing an immense amount of value during our first job we are more than likely to build a long-term relationship with you as a customer. Our customer’s interest is our top priority and is the foundation in which we have built our company.

Our Pressure Cleaning Services

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Roof pressure cleaning

Driveway pressure cleaning

Roof moss removal

Patio & terrace power wash

Roof algae removal

Pool area pressure cleaning

Awning cleaning

Concrete cleaning

Brick cleaning

Screen enclosure soft wash

Deck pressure clean

Fences pressure Washing

Paint preparation & removal

Toxic Black Mold Removal